Unconscious bias

We all have biases. It is part of human nature. Our brains are hardwired to sort people into categories and make shortcuts based on our experience. These immediate decisions are made at a subconscious level, without any awareness. Unconscious bias training is essential for organisations striving to achieve diversity and inclusion.

The majority of people would be embarrassed to think that they are basing decisions about people on stereotypes. We all like to think we are logical and rational. We know about equality and diversity after all!

So how do these biases play out in the workplace? How can we become more conscious of our instinctive preferences and ensure we become more inclusive either as managers or co-workers? Dramatic Solutions’ unconscious bias training programmes explore these issues in a safe environment. Using drama based training performances based on situations your staff may find themselves in, we can hold a mirror up to biases. Our facilitators explore how your staff can make the small changes that will make a big difference.

Each programme is tailored to your exact organisations requirements. It is bespoke training delivered in-house, for your staff. The list below contains some of the learning outcomes delegates can expect:

  • A deep understanding of what unconscious bias is
  • A clear idea of how it can affect relationships with customers and colleagues
  • Appreciate the impact of unconscious bias on morale and team spirit
  • An awareness that we all have biases and what they may be
  • An understanding of the impact of unconscious bias on strategy, recruitment, performance management and customer service
  • Recognise how to overcome unconscious bias personally
  • Feel more able to overcome bias at a departmental and organisational level
  • Increased confidence to tackle equality and diversity issues and concerns in your area of responsibility

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