Advanced Presentation skills training

Does your team need to overcome nerves, develop a powerful presenting style and devise presentations that really deliver? Killer presentation skills can make all the difference.

Whether you need to ensure your sales teams win that important contract, help your leaders inspire their teams or even get the whole organisation to buy into your vision for the future; Dramatic Solutions advanced presentation skills training will make a dramatic difference the way it has for Facebook staff.

Delivered by trained and experienced performance professionals, you learn from someone with fantastic presentation skills. They will improve your team’s ability to deliver an inspiring presentation, dramatically. Our in-company training programmes look at the way you present, the personal impact that you exert on the audience and on making the presentation itself totally persuasive.

Each programme is created to reflect your organisations specific needs and is delivered within your workplace. By working in small groups, each participant is able to receive the personal attention that will make a real difference to their skills.

We offer programmes at all levels:

Presentation skills training foundation
For people with limited presentations experience or those that suffer from nerves

Powerful presentation skills workshop
For people who want to build their skills and get their message across with power, precision and passion

Advanced presentation skills training
For people who want to push their skills to their full potential and learn to deal with tough audiences

Presentation skills training one to one
For people who have an important event ahead and need to really shine

Our presentation skills training workshops get dramatic results:
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