Customer service training

Customer service is the heart of every organisation. Yet every day experience of being a customer tells us that it is difficult to achieve exceptional customer service consistently.

To be fully effective, customer service training needs to be relevant. It needs to be about the actual jobs that your people do day-in day-out.

That’s why drama based training is the best you can get. Whilst traditional talk and chalk training focuses on theory, drama based training focuses on the practical application of those skills. We will work with you to devise a programme that uses real situations that happen in your organisation. We will build in the opportunity for your people to learn new skills, see them in action and then to practice them using our actors as the customers.

We offer in-house training programmes that focus on:

  • Customer service training for front line staff
  • Sales skills for customer service staff
  • Communication skills training
  • Business communication training
customer service training