Change management and pressure resilience

Our change management and pressure resilience programmes have been created to enable managers to respond positively to the pressures and demands they are facing. It will help them and their staff to effectively manage change and improve their resilience.

The objectives of the change management and pressure resilience training are to:

  • Identify new resilient attitudes and habits, including looking after themselves
  • Remain realistically optimistic under pressure
  • Increase their ability to bounce back from adversity & solve problems creatively
  • Develop adaptable approaches to change & pressure
  • Remain focused, motivated and assertive during periods of change & pressure

Each change management & pressure resilience programme is entirely bespoke. It will be built around your organisations needs. Here are some of the learning outcomes you can expect to achieve:

  • Understanding change versus transition
  • The transition curve
  • Elements of control
  • The role of self esteem in maintaining personal resilience
  • The ABC model – adversity, beliefs and consequence
  • The benefits of maintaining strong personal resilience
  • Understanding pressure versus stress
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