Which subjects do we cover?

Communicating well can help create motivated and efficient teams. It can keep customers happy and help your business to sell more products and services. Our training programmes are focused on improving communication and creating behavioural change. Whatever the context, it is better communication that makes the difference between organisational success and failure. Using our drama based training approach means that participants are able to see new skills in action and then practice them in a safe and supportive environment.

Our interactive and inspiring training programmes work equally well whether you need to deliver:

Training programmes

Leadership and management

leadership training course

Great leaders get results by developing great teams. They inspire people and create a culture where individuals can come together to foster great innovation. To do all this requires essential communication skills which we can be learnt through our training programmes…

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Customer service

customer service training programmes

Customer service can make or break a company. Get it right and your customers will come back time and time again. Get it wrong and they won’t just let you know about their bad experience – they’ll tell everyone else who wants to listen. We can help you build great relationships with your customers by…

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Presentation delivery

presentation skills training

Great public speakers make it look so easy. They effortlessly engage an audience and deliver powerful presentations that make long lasting impressions. We can help train your team to inspire…

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Personal Impact

First impressions count, we all know that, but how do you ensure that the impression you give is a good one? Our personal impact and communications workshops help build self awareness, leading to…

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Diversity and inclusion

diversity and inclusion improvement

A happy and productive workforce means creating an environment where everyone is valued for who they are and the contribution they make. When people can’t be themselves for fear of being excluded, isolated or even bullied, it can have wide ranging across the entire organisation. Drama is a unique way to…

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Unconscious bias

diversity and inclusion improvement

Our brains are hardwired to sort people into categories and make shortcuts based on our experience. These immediate decisions are made at a subconscious level, without any awareness. Unconscious bias training is essential for organisations striving to achieve diversity and….

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Change management

conference theatre

Our change management & pressure resilience programmes help managers and their staff to effectively manage change and improve their resilience by responding positively to the pressures and demands they are facing.

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