Drama based training

Drama based training is effective in producing genuine and measurable behaviour change. It improves performance at an individual and team level. It brings theory to life. Using drama allows delegates to see the theory in action, in situations that they recognise from their own working lives. They even get to affect the outcome and practice the skills themselves.

Drama based training provides powerful learning experiences because the skills being learned are shown in recognisable situations. We research scenarios that are realistic and are happening today, in your organisation – creating real impact.

Drama based training can be used at 3 levels:

  1. Awareness raising

Drama has a powerful way of challenging existing beliefs and attitudes. This is the first step towards behavioural change. Sessions can be for small or large groups and can even be slotted into your conference.

  1. Learning skills

This level of training goes deeper and looks at the skills needed to affect a change. Skills can be demonstrated and explored quickly and effectively using drama based training. Sessions are usually for smaller groups, allowing greater individual interaction.

  1. Embedding skills

To really equip your people to make behavioural change they need a chance to practice their skills in a safe environment. Drama based training provides exactly that opportunity. This depth of training is carried out in small groups so that people get individual attention and feedback.

Our drama based training is completely bespoke, developed to your company’s needs. Unfortunately we do not offer open courses.

Training methods

Forum theatre

forum theatre

Forum theatre is one of the most powerful drama based learning techniques and is ideal for use in communication skills and presentation skills training.

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Hot seating

hot seating

Hot seating can be used when trying to change attitudes and beliefs and can help to show a situation from another person’s perspective. Our professional actors are…

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Role play

role play scenario

When using professional actors, role-play can create a powerful experience for delegates which leaves a lasting impression. It is ideal for interpersonal skills training…

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Business simulation

business simulation

In business simulation, delegates can test their leadership and communication skills as a business scenario unfolds. Our actors provide a realistic challenge to your staff with the added benefit of giving valuable feedback…

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Conference theatre

conference theatre

Engage a large audience and get your message across with conference theatre. This innovative technique can inspire conversation and spark debate between your group.

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Agent provocateur

drama based training agent provocateur

With our agent provocateurs in the group, we can expose the elephant in the room. Designed to challenge difficult beliefs and behaviours, our actors will present the controversial and important viewpoints that others dare not mention.

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Invisible theatre

invisible theatre is a drama based training method

Invisible theatre involves our professional actors hiding in plain sight. It is an extremely powerful learning technique because it allows participants to take part without realising it so that their actions can be challenged and discussed later in the programme.

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Business actors

business actors for training

Our professional actors are trained facilitators and can produce drama based training courses for a wide range of business situations. We can help your organisation deliver powerful learning programmes for your staff.

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