Learn how to be a powerful presenter

With powerful presentation skills and top tips used by business professionals

At Dramatic Solutions, we specialise in presentations skills and leadership training for business. Using drama-based training techniques, we work with some of the largest brands in the world to help them get the best from their staff.

Now, we’re offering our acclaimed “Powerful Presentations” programme (delivered to Facebook staff in 4 countries) as an intensive one-day open course available to the public, with limited dates in London and Birmingham.

Our one-day “Powerful Presenter” course focuses on you as the presenter and teaches tried and tested techniques to help you become more inspiring to your audience. It also covers quick and easy ways of structuring your presentations and ways of making your messages much more memorable.

All our course leaders have a background in professional presenting and/or acting, and places on each course are limited to a small group, meaning that everyone gets individual attention and feedback from the course leader throughout the day.

If you’re not a natural public speaker and would like to learn how to confidently stand up in front of a group of people and deliver a memorable speech or presentation; this is the perfect course for you…

Powerful Presentation SKills eBook

I would really like to thank you guys. I’ve done similar training before, but have never seen this kind of improvement from beginning to end and today it really happened. Thank you!

AmyPresenter Trainee

Amazing! The best training I’ve ever done

Account Manager, Facebook

Powerful Presentation Skills Course Outline

What you will learn on the day


Make an impact with your presentation from the very start so that your audience is absolutely hooked on hearing what you have to say. Learn what things make an audience sit up and take notice.

Body language

Your body language can make or break your presentation. Use your body well and people will get the message that you are passionate, enthusiastic and above all confident. Use it badly and they won’t even want to listen to you. Learn how to use your body as a tool to aid you to get a great result.

Vocal dynamics

Your voice can be a powerful tool or a way of putting your audience to sleep. Learn 5 easy techniques for maximising the power of your voice and get your message across powerfully.


What do you say and what order do you put it in. Learn a simple method that helps you make your presentation easy to understand and helps it to stay in the audience’s memory.

Persuasion and Influence

When you are presenting you are always trying to persuade your audience round to your way of thinking. Find out the 3 most powerful tools to use to get your audience to agree.

Rhetorical techniques

Learn the techniques used by top speech writers to make messages memorable and persuasive. These tricks are amazingly easy to use and have a powerful effect.

Managing nerves

Most speakers suffer nerves, but the best ones know how to manage them. Learn 4 strategies for nerve management that can help you remain calm and feel more confident.

Practice presenting

The best way to become a powerful presenter is to practice. In this programme you will make at least 3 presentations on the day and get personalised feedback from a performance professional.

Powerful Presentation Skills Training Course – from £150 + VAT


Bank Room, 1 Royal Exchange Ave,
London EC3V 3LT

Wednesday, 16 September 2015
09:30 to 17:00

£250 + VAT


Cornwall Buildings, 45 Newhall Street,
Birmingham B3 3QR

Friday, 9 October 2015
09:30 to 17:00

£150 + VAT

Terms and conditions apply for course bookings. For more information regarding payments, cancellations and transfers, please read our policies page.

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