Increasing staff satisfaction at Sage


The Challenge

Sage produce some of the best known accounting and business management software in the world. Their operation in Ireland provides software and support services to over 40,000 businesses from start-ups to multi-nationals. Following a staff survey, Sage Ireland wanted to hold a staff training programme that dealt specifically with the challenges that had been uncovered in the survey. One area that had been highlighted was how managers could handle personnel issues more effectively. They wanted the event to be really special and memorable. Sage approached Dramatic Solutions with the brief.

The Approach

We created a one day event that allowed staff to handle difficult conversations. The session included a short scripted performance which illustrated many of the problems that people encounter when dealing with difficult conversations with colleagues. Scenes from the playlet were then used to help participants explore alternative ways of dealing with the situations. Practical skills building sessions were interspersed between the scenarios so that participants got to practice the skills as well as see them played out by our actors.

The Results

The result was that managers felt much more confident about having these conversations and subsequent staff surveys showed a much higher degree of satisfaction with how they are handled. Following the event Dramatic Solutions has returned to Sage to deliver sessions on persuasion and influencing and on coaching skills for managers.

“This was a session scheduled for all managers in the business to empower our wider leadership community in their roles as people managers and the impact of their leadership style on our people’s experiences of the company. Our objective was to create something different, and to be a memorable day in the experience of our managers. We certainly achieved this goal with Dramatic Solutions.

When we first spoke with Colin in Dramatic Solutions, he didn’t pigeon hole our requirements into something they already deliver as standard, but very much listened to what our requirements were and adapted the day based on this, which became very evident in the planning and research undertaken for the day. Whilst the planning was very comprehensive, it wasn’t intrusive and it was very meticulous. We would have no hesitation in recommending Dramatic Solutions to any business”

Fiona FoyPeople Services Consultant

‘The actors were brilliant’

“I thought the fact that we had actors there made us really see a scenario from different perspectives, which is usually hard to do. When we interviewed the actors, you also realised that sometimes things are not what they seem. I learnt a lot from these sessions”

“The actors were very good and made it a very entertaining day as well as a useful one”

“Really liked the way there were actors in to do role plays. Much better for us to look at how things are being done; thought this was a great idea!”

“Having role play scenarios was very good and being able to talk to the actors to get more answers along with stopping them to change their approach during the role play sessions”

Various DelegatesSage Ireland

‘There was no death by powerpoint or endless flip chart lists. Far more engaging session, but also done in a very comfortable way. You could contribute as much as you were comfortable with and you were not put on the spot”

“Realistic scenes played by actors”

“Facilitators/actors were suberb!”

Various DelegatesSage Ireland

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