Networking Skills at the National Media Museum

The Challenge

The National Media Museum is home to over 3.5 million items of historical significance. They look after the National Photography, National Cinematography and National Television Collections at the museum in Bradford. The museum is made up of traditional and interactive galleries located across seven floors. It investigates and celebrates film, photography, television, animation and new media. A comprehensive programme of cultural and educational events and activities bring the Museum’s subject matter to life for families, schools and adults alike.

The museum wanted to maximise the skills of its leadership team and subject experts by equipping them to represent the museum at all manner of networking, professional and social events.

The Approach

Working closely with the Museum we devised a programme that looked at the building blocks of interpersonal communication: body language, vocal tone and verbal content. Using scenarios that were based in the context of the museum we demonstrated the pitfalls and the positives of different interpersonal approaches using Forum Theatre. Following on from this we looked at the communication needs of different personality types and demonstrated key matching skills. Finally each delegate had the opportunity to role play a realistic, highly contextualised scenario which we researched in advance.

The Results

Since the workshop participants report that they:

  • Feel more comfortable talking about what they do
  • Initiate conversations more often
  • Set an outcome from networking
  • Change their style based on reading personality/behaviour
  • Use confident handshake
  • Talk with confidence about the Museum

“I would definitely recommend Dramatic Solutions.  The time and effort they took to really understand our organisation far exceeded my expectations (and previous experience with other suppliers).  This made a significant difference in the end product, a completely tailored workshop which took participants to a higher level of learning and application. Using drama techniques during the workshop broke down barriers, energised and inspired people to stretch far out of their comfort zones.”

Kay Thompson Manager, People & Organisation Development Science Museum Group

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