Olympic Presentation Efforts for Greenwich Leisure

greenwich leisure limited

The Challenge

Greenwich Leisure (GLL) is a charitable social enterprise. They were the first leisure trust in the UK. Established in 1993 they now operate over 115 leisure facilitates across the UK including two of the 2012 Olympics legacy sites; the Copperbox and the Aquatics Centre. They work for the benefit of everyone: the public, the communities we work in, the environment, their staff and their partners.

Each year GLL holds a communication day where all staff are brought together in a West End theatre to celebrate successes, distribute awards to star members of staff and communicate the plans for the coming year. All the presentations are made by staff members drawn from all parts of the organisation. This means that some members of staff who had never made a speech in public were being asked to engage an audience that filled a West End theatre. A daunting task for all concerned.

The Approach

GLL approached Dramatic Solutions to provide presentation skills training in the theatre. The team concentrated on experiential learning methods that would build confidence fast. The presenters were given practical and fast paced training in body language and vocal techniques. Each participant then had an opportunity to practice their new skills on the stage, whilst being coached by a Dramatic Solutions coach.

The Results

All the presenters turned in a highly polished performance and wowed their colleagues with their ability. The communications day is repeated annually and the presentation skills training has now become a regular fixture to ensure that standards are kept high.

“I was specifically looking for a company who would help our presenters at our annual communications day which we have every December. As we have grown, the venue size and numbers of people have too. We held the event last year at the Dominion Theatre and we had 1500 staff attending. This is quite a daunting task for presenters and is different to making a presentation work style.

I was impressed with Dramatic Solutions. Not all presenters attended and I think that you could tell on the day which ones had. The training itself was challenging and once you got over the fear of being filmed, the feedback was spot on. Senior managers that have been on this training have requested a repeat for their own managers and we have run this course twice this year. All feedback was exceptionally good and incredibly positive.”

Lorraine PatrinosHead of Skills Development

“I didn’t think I needed this training as I’ve attended many presentation skills courses through the years and presented a lot, however I would rate this one highly. Took a lot away from the day.”

Head of Marketing and Communications

“I know from personal experience and feedback from others, that the training day was really helpful. On the actual communications day I was nervous but nowhere near as nervous as I would have been without the training. Not all presenters attended and I think that you could tell on the day which ones had.”

Lorraine PatrinosHead of Skills Development at GLL

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