A dramatic learning solution for Facebook


The Challenge

Facebook is the most visited website in the world. Over 1 billion people use the site every month. Much has been written about the business. A movie has even been made about its meteoric rise to success.

Facebook had a learning and development challenge. They wanted to advance their sales teams throughout the Asia Pacific region giving them the ability to deliver world-class sales presentations. The Facebook company ethos is based on getting results fast whilst connecting to one another as real people. They needed to develop a real edge in the competitive world of advertising, boosting their presentation skills, whilst maintaining their strong company culture.

The Approach

They turned to Dramatic Solutions to deliver a series of inspiring training sessions at the Facebook offices in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore with teams also flying in from Korea, New Zealand and Japan. Delivered in groups of six, the sessions explored confidence, pitch, pause, intonation, body language and emotional impact.

Using a professionally trained actor allowed them to see, in a live-setting, exactly how changing the way we present can create a different impression. The sessions included video capture, playback and feedback from the facilitator and co-workers.

The Results

When asked to rate the training programme overall 96% of the delegates rated the training in the top two marks, with less than 4% giving an average mark. This is a high accolade from one of the most innovative organisations in the world.

“The training made a big difference. It gave the sales teams a great deal of confidence and the ability to really capture the imagination of our audiences.”

Nitin MoreLearning and Development Manager, Facebook (Asia-Pacific)

The Feedback


of delegates from one of the most innovative companies in the world rated the training as good or excellent.

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