Leadership training for Centrica

The Challenge

Centrica Plc is a leading integrated energy supplier, with British Gas a key part of the group. They employ over 30,000 people and are in the top of the FTSE100, operating mainly in Britain and North America. In order to continue driving this excellence throughout their diverse workforce, Centrica wanted to equip their managers with the skills to deliver effective appraisals. They wanted to up-skill their leaders so they could get the very best from their teams during performance reviews.

The Approach

Dramatic Solutions devised an innovative and cost-effective drama based training programme. Forum Theatre was used as a way of holding a mirror up to some of the potential scenarios that could play out in their performance reviews.  We devised scenarios that the delegates would recognise from their working lives and may have experienced during an appraisal. Centrica’s managers were then able to witness some of the pitfalls of poor appraisals and challenge the behaviours of the actors, so that a better outcome could be achieved.

The delegates explored effective questioning techniques and how to give constructive feedback. They then took part in role play, where they had a chance to participate in a real life appraisal meeting. They were able to practice their new skills in a safe environment. The mangers all received feedback from both their colleagues and our facilitators. They also had a chance to develop their own personal action plan for their future appraisal meetings.

The Results

The managers were left better equipped to conduct performance appraisals and help their teams deliver in line with Centrica’s strategic priorities.  This in turn allowed them to motivate their teams, engage staff and increase productivity.

“Their sessions are hard hitting yet fun, learner focused though intelligently led and have such a huge personal impact on the delegates that most of them often say it is the best training they have ever had. Centrica Energy has since used Dramatic Solutions for other leadership projects which demonstrates just how much they are valued and appreciated for their bespoke training solutions and individual professional talents.”

Amanda CooperPeople Development Manager, Centrica

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