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Award winning training

Dramatic Solutions’ End of Life Communication training programme has won an award from the International Journal of Palliative Nursing (IJPN). Dramatic Solutions and Worcestershire Health and Care Trust developed the programme in partnership. The need to improve communication with patients nearing the end of their lives, and with their relatives, was identified by a consultation […]

6 Tips to Improve End-of-Life Conversations

On 21st December 2015 NICE issued new guidelines on care of dying adults in the last days of life. One of the 6 areas of recommendations was communication. But how many people working with dying people are confident in having the necessary conversations? Not many, it seems. Here are some key basics: What can you […]

Presentation Skills Blog Launched

We are delighted to announce our new Presentation Skills blog, Presentation Skills Expert. The aim of the blog is to share our knowledge and expertise in an informal way. Each blog post will address an individual part of presentation skills. It’s searchable by subject area, so if there’s a particular thing that you want to […]

10 Tips Top Presenters Use To Improve Presentation Skills

Presenting is a technique that can be improved through presentation skills training. Whether you need to improve your technique for presenting to an audience of ten or a thousand people these tips that top presenters use are guaranteed to help you improve!       Get emotional – great speakers use the emotions of their […]